• Kate Wheeler

    Kate Wheeler

    President & CEO

  • Hallie Jones

    Hallie Jones

    Executive Vice President & Chief Program Officer

  • Austin Barrow

    Austin Barrow

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Charlie Van Vechten

    Charlie Van Vechten

    Chief Marketing & Advancement Officer

  • Jordan Diemert

    Jordan Diemert

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Cindy Otto

    Cindy Otto

    Director of Donor Relations

  • Lauren Bordages

    Lauren Bordages

    Director of Development

  • John Adamson

    John Adamson

    Guest Services Associate

  • Erin Andreatta

    Erin Andreatta

    Program Manager, Advocacy and Engagement Programs

  • Chris Beiro

    Chris Beiro

    Senior Accountant

  • Erin Broughton

    Erin Broughton

    Store Manager

  • Brent Castanon

    Brent Castanon

    Education Specialist

  • Desi Chalmers

    Desi Chalmers

    Education Specialist

  • Georges Edouard

    Georges Edouard

    Education Coordinator

  • Randy Gamache

    Randy Gamache

    Project Manager, Crystal Cove Management Company

  • Laura Lanzi

    Laura Lanzi

    Marketing Communications Manager

  • Sabrina Medina

    Sabrina Medina

    Education Specialist

  • Jen Mendez

    Jen Mendez

    Programs and Conservation Manager

  • Jesse Perez-Razo

    Jesse Perez-Razo

    Education Coordinator

  • Tara Peszt

    Tara Peszt


  • Andy Schoembs

    Andy Schoembs

    Facilities and Maintenance Manager

  • Charlotte Ramming

    Charlotte Ramming

    Development Manager

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor

    Cottage Maintenance Specialist

  • Angelo Tuble

    Angelo Tuble

    Assistant Cottages Manager

  • Chelsea W.

    Chelsea W.

    Public Programs Manager

  • Elle Wallstein

    Elle Wallstein

    Guest Services Lead

  • Chris Williams

    Chris Williams

    Cottages Manager

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