Nestled in a gentle bend along a dramatic stretch of Southern California Coastline, Crystal Cove’s stunning bluffs, beaches and seaside cottages are quintessential California. Halfway between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, and about 60 miles south of Los Angeles, Crystal Cove first attracted Hollywood filmmakers in the 1920s. Seasonal tent-dwellers took up residence in the 1930s. For the next half-century, a handful of families leased the cottages from the Irvine Company, which owned most of the area’s coastal ranchlands.

Today, Crystal Cove State Park is a destination for hikers, backcountry enthusiasts, campers, vacationers, students, birders, artists, and oceans lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re here for an hour or a week, there is plenty to do at the Cove to keep everyone busy.

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