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We know you care about places like Crystal Cove State Park. We know that the beauty of our natural spaces and the health of our ocean and beaches are on your mind. We know you’re enjoying the beaches and park trails more than ever, and we’re so happy you are.

For all of us—our members and supporters, the students who learn with us—there’s just something about this place. The rising and falling tides, the perpetual crash of waves, the golden light of the setting sun—it sustains us, and your membership renewal sustains our work to protect it. Expanding our circle of support a little bit each year enables us to meet the critical and growing need to restore the land, educate and inspire students, and protect this place that sustains us all.

Members have access to more benefits and unique experiences than ever before, from discounts at the Park Interpretive Store to exclusive members’ meet and greets with experts in science, the environment, and the natural world. We’re delighted to spend time together in this park that we love. We hope you’ll join us as a member this year with a one-time membership gift or by becoming a monthly sustaining member– it’s one of the easiest ways to give.

Already a member or renewing early? Your additional contribution will automatically extend the duration of your membership. If you’d like a hassle-free membership without needing to renew every year, choose the sustaining member option. 

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