• Teddie Ray


    Community Activist

  • Doug Le Bon

    Vice Chair

    Senior Managing Director | Pathway Capital Management, LLC

  • Richard Swinney


    Retired | Licensed California Lawyer

  • Eric Smyth


    Founding Principal & CEO | CIP Real Estate

  • Al Bennett

    At-Large Mission Driven

    Dean Emeritus, School of Biological Sciences | University of California, Irvine

  • Nate Chiaverini

    At-Large Member

    Portfolio Manager & Senior Vice President | Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO)

  • Shelley Thunen

    At-Large Member

    Chief Financial Officer | RxSight, Inc

  • Anie Aklian Robinson

    Science Department Chair | Sage Hill School

  • Laura Davick

    Founder Emeritus

    Chair, Heritage Legacy Project for California | Crystal Cove Conservancy

  • Alan Bedekar

    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

  • Jeff Cole

    Managing Executive Director | Cushman & Wakefield

  • Glenn Bozarth

    Community Activist

  • Gavin Herbert

    Owner | Roger's Gardens

  • Magnus Egerstedt

    Professor and Dean of Engineering, University of California, Irvine

  • Sara Lowell

    Marine Conservation Director | Marisla Foundation

  • Stephanie Quesada

    Partner | Contrarian Group, Inc.

  • Jerry Scheck

    CPA, Partner | Paddock Jones Morse, Inc.

  • Mara Murray

    Philanthropist | Entrepreneur

  • Caleb Silsby

    Chief Portfolio Manager | Whittier Trust

  • Cyd Swerdlow

    Community Activist

  • Stephen M. Zotovich

    Principal, Peregrine Realty Partners

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