Rooted in the notion that Crystal Cove State Park is an ideal outdoor classroom for cultivating young environmentalists, Crystal Cove Conservancy is dedicated to protecting this rare piece of California’s history through a unique social enterprise model working in partnership with California State Parks. Revenue generated by cottage stays and food service at Crystal Cove is channeled back into cottage maintenance, park improvements and education and conservation initiatives.

Through our subsidiaries, Crystal Cove Beach Cottages and Crystal Cove Management Company, The Conservancy re-invests in protecting and preserving the entirety of Crystal Cove State Park. This social enterprise model allows us to develop innovative educational programs that expose students and visitors to the benefits of science and environmental literacy while supporting the preservation of miles of precious California coastline, stewarding thousands of acres of native habitat, and spearheading efforts to restore and preserve the historic beach cottages.


Crystal Cove Conservancy is the nonprofit public benefit partner to Crystal Cove State Park, employing a social enterprise model to fund important preservation, education, and conservation initiatives that will cultivate our planet’s next generation of environmental stewards ensuring that Crystal Cove, and places like it, live on for generations.


A fully restored and sustainable Crystal Cove State Park advancing education to inspire generations to come.

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