Crystal Cove Conservancy is dedicated not simply to preserving the charming, historic structures that dot the hollow and bluffs in the Historic District, but to ensuring the survival of the entirety of Crystal Cove – its backcountry trails, its breaking waves and living tidepools, its history as a gathering place for community, its coastal habitats – and leveraging the assets of the Cove to cultivate our planet’s next generation of environmental stewards.

Today, the Cove is an affordable coastal retreat for cottage guests, an outdoor classroom for underserved schools, a summer camp for vulnerable teens, an artist’s studio, and a research outpost for scientists. Crystal Cove is miles of backcountry hiking trails, a living laboratory for conservation initiatives, a never-to-be-forgotten citizen science cruise of the Marine Protected Area. It is a collection of architectural odds and ends nestled in so fittingly that they seem to have grown there in the middle of a nearly 3,000 acre preserve.

Your support can make a real difference in the life of the Cove and the lives of those who visit. Below are the many ways you can help.

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