Dear Members and Supporters,

First and foremost, on behalf of the entire Crystal Cove Conservancy family, we extend our best wishes for health and wellbeing during these anxious times to you and yours.

The Coronavirus crisis has changed our country overnight.  In addition to closing businesses and transforming the way we live and work, our schools have now been shuttered until it is safe for children to return.  Across Southern California, millions of parents and teachers are now faced with the prospect of teaching children at home for what will likely be the remainder of the current school year.  Schools are rushing to provide alternate experiences online, but STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education is much harder to convert to an online platform, especially since many classroom teachers don’t have a strong background in the sciences.

Even though schools can’t currently come to Crystal Cove State Park, we can bring Crystal Cove to the teachers, students and their families who are now stuck at home, desperate for opportunities to learn.  Our entire education team is working right now to adapt our school programs for online learning platforms.  We are transforming each program into a series of flexible one-hour activities that parents can lead at home for their children. Guiding questions, videos, interactive activities, and other supporting material will be provided in both English and Spanish, helping to meet the needs of our diverse communities across Southern California.

Crystal Cove Conservancy’s donors and members are the backbone of our organization, providing critical support for our education and conservation programs. Every year at this time, we come to you to ask you to join in membership at Crystal Cove Conservancy to support the Park and its programs. This year, your support means more than ever before.

Your membership today means that teachers, parents and students all over the State of California will have access to high-quality online distance learning opportunities that continue to build bonds with the natural world, immerse students in real science and provide much needed learning opportunities to our hardest hit communities. We look forward to the day when we can once again bring these deserving young people back to the Park and our outdoor classrooms, but until then, we are committed to bringing the Park to them.

We know that your financial priorities may be shifting in these unprecedented times, and we’d be so grateful to continue to be one of your giving priorities.

With gratitude and high hopes.

Kate Wheeler
President & CEO


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