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Cottage #34 – The Cultural Center

Sep 1, 2015

During the 1920s and 30s, Japanese sharecroppers farmed the Crystal Cove land that once belonged to the Irvine Ranch.  Looking to introduce their children to the same cultural traditions that they experienced growing up, the families came together to build a schoolhouse for their children to attend on Saturdays. Community parties, kendo demonstrations and Buddhist […]

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Paradise on Film

May 1, 2015

Paradise on Film   Crystal Cove has served as the perfect backdrop for many of Hollywood’s films since the 1920s, beginning with the now presumed lost film, Treasure Island.  From silent black-and-white pictures to the first talkies, there have been many subtle nods to the cove’s beautiful landscape over the years. Desired for its unspoiled […]

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The Parks Forward Initiative

Mar 1, 2015

THE PARKS FORWARD INITIATIVE CRYSTAL COVE STANDS READY FOR UPCOMING CHANGES TO CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS   Crystal Cove Alliance asks all of our members, stakeholders, and supporters to join us in welcoming an exciting and new transformative action plan for all of California’s State Parks.  On February 2015, the final report for the Parks Forward […]

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The Wave Enewsletter

Jan 1, 2015

The Wave, CCA’s monthly enewsletter covering restoration, education, conservation and All things Crystal Cove. Click below for a printable 2-page newsletter or on the sidebar to view archives of individual articles. 2017    2016 2015 January 2017 January, 2016 (.pdf) January, 2015 (.pdf) February 2017 February, 2016 (.pdf) February, 2015 (.pdf)   March, 2016 (.pdf) March, 2015 (.pdf)   April, 2016 (.pdf) April, 2015 (.pdf) […]

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Cottage #27 – The Dive Shack

Sep 1, 2014

Cottage #27 – The Dive Shack FOUR CO-WORKERS CAME TOGETHER IN 1931 TO BUILD A CHARMING ONE-BEDROOM COTTAGE THAT’S NOW AVAILABLE FOR OVERNIGHT RENTAL.   A partnership is at the heart of this 1930s-era structure—Azusa Valley Savings Bank co-workers Elsie Bantley, Margaret Orndorf, Ruth Hepner and Dorothy Sproul pooled their money to build Cottage #27. A prime location […]

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Pitching a Tent

Aug 1, 2014

Pitching a Tent FROM MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TO LABOR DAY, FAMILIES FLOCKED TO CRYSTAL COVE TO SET UP CAMP FOR THE SUMMER.   In the early days at the cove, after the highway was completed in the mid-1920s, people began to discover the beauty of Orange County’s coast. No longer the well-kept secret of Hollywood insiders and Irvine Ranch employees, […]

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A Look Back

Jul 1, 2014

A Look Back AN ORIGINAL COVITE, GEORGE FULLER JR. REMINISCES ABOUT GROWING UP ON THE BEACH.   It was the late 1930s, and a 7-year old George Fuller Jr. was just discovering the magic of Crystal Cove. The New York native had driven crosscountry with his parents four years earlier and, after making their way to the cove, the family built […]

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Cottage #42: Stella’s Place

Apr 1, 2014

Cottage #42: Stella’s Place A FORMER COVITE RETURNS TO CRYSTAL COVE TO CELEBRATE HER 90TH BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR.   Over the years, a young woman named Stella developed a deep connection with Crystal Cove, dating back to 1938 when she came during spring break with her first boyfriend. She returned later in life to spend […]

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Join Us for a Grand Celebration

Jan 1, 2014

JOIN US FOR A GRAND CELEBRATION MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR FEB. 1, THE MUCH-ANTICIPATED GRAND OPENING OF THE BERNS ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY LOOP AT CRYSTAL COVE STATE PARK.   The day we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner: Crystal Cove Alliance (CCA) and California State Parks are excited to announce the grand opening of […]

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