The Parks Forward Initiative





Crystal Cove Alliance asks all of our members, stakeholders, and supporters to join us in welcoming an exciting and new transformative action plan for all of California’s State Parks.  On February 2015, the final report for the Parks Forward Initiative was released detailing the State Park enhancements recommended by the Parks Forward Commission.

Highlights from this report include:

  • Transforming the California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • A re-dedication to working with park partners and organizations
  • Providing park access to all Californians

Over the past 18 months, the Parks Forward Commission pulled together stakeholders to determine how to best address the future and long-term sustainability of the California State Park system.  This new vision for State Parks encompasses a 10-year long strategic plan that is designed to create a new model of efficiency, while continuing to uphold the quality services already provided by California State Parks.

The next step in advancing the ambitious goals set forth by the Parks Forward Initiative is the development of a Transformation Team that will oversee the changes to be done over the next two years.  Our very own Crystal Cove State Park Superintendent, Todd Lewis, will be joining this team to help establish the foundational changes that will help guide us in moving forward in the coming years.

While these changes are certainly attainable, change will not happen overnight.  CCA Founder and Director of External Affairs, Laura Davick, is more than ready and looking forward to the upcoming changes.  “This is an ambitious plan and we stand ready to assist State Parks in any way we can.  There is much work to be done to protect California’s most important natural and cultural resources that make up State Parks,” says Laura.

For more information on Parks Forward, please visit their website at

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