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North Beach Update, July 2021

Jul 21, 2021

If you’ve been to the beach just a few steps north of Crystal Cove’s Historic District, you’ve seen it. Not one, not two, but four cottages are being meticulously reconstructed to their former glory! The cottages– #3, #4, #12, and #31, are in the first phase of the North Beach Project and are set to become […]

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Studying Ants in Crystal Cove’s Backcountry

Oct 6, 2020

Take a sneak peek at ecological research happening in Crystal Cove State Park! Last fall, we began working with Dr. Wallace Meyer, an insect ecologist from Pomona College, and ten high school interns from Dana Hills High school to determine how the use of mulch in restoration affects the distribution of ants. This program was […]

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Cottage #33: Romantic Retreat

Feb 12, 2020

The blue cottage on the cliff has been nestled over the ocean for nearly eighty years, its lightly weathered wood siding blending with sea, land, and sky. Once called “Provence Cottage,” charming Cottage #33 has been restored and renamed as “Romantic Retreat,” and is now part of the year-round overnight lodging at Crystal Cove. From […]

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Crystal Cove Cottage Stays: 21 and Done!

Jan 15, 2020

I first started staying at Crystal Cove approximately 3 years ago during a very difficult time in my life.  I found when I rented a cottage for one or two days, I could forget about everything else. I would read books, walk on the beach, sit and enjoy the fabulous sunsets every evening (I must […]

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From Jazz Era to Artists’s Retreat: Cottage #32

Oct 16, 2019

  In 1968, artist Alice Powell and her husband Tom acquired Cottage #32, also known by the whimsical “Hi-de-Ho” sign displayed on its exterior. Alice was a ceramicist who kept a kiln and workshop in the backyard of the cottage and hand painted her original fired work. Tom passed away in 1987, and Alice later […]

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North Beach Construction Update 10-16-19

Oct 16, 2019

So far, 29 of the 46 cottages in Crystal Cove’s Historic District have been restored and turned into low-cost coastal accommodations, providing public access to the beach and allowing individuals and families the opportunity to stay overnight mere feet from the water at extremely affordable rates.  Today, 17 of the historic seaside cottages at Crystal […]

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A Crystal Cove State of Mind

Jul 13, 2018

    Celebrating the Summertime Anniversary of Crystal Cove Beach Cottages “Happiness to All Who Visit This Cottage” “We feel like California time travelers …. we never want to leave. Don’t change a thing; everything is perfect!” This 2009 hand-written entry from the guest journal of restored historic cottage #29 is one of many reflections recorded […]

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Cottage 14 – South Beach Suite

Oct 18, 2017

Cottage 14 – South Beach Suite Named for its location right on the beach, Cottage #14, “South Beach Suite” was originally built in 1931 by a woman named Edith Henning. The second permanent cottage constructed on Crystal Cove’s South Beach, Cottage #14 offers spectacular ocean access and views, as well as iconic Cove history. “Miss […]

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Founder’s Historic District Tour

Sep 15, 2017

The trip back in time begins at noon, but when it concludes two hours later, guests have learned about more than Crystal Cove’s past in the monthly Founder’s Historic District Tour — they’ve also learned about Crystal Cove’s present and future. Crystal Cove Conservancy founder Laura Davick first started offering an informal tour of the […]

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An Historic Day for the Unrestored Cottages on the North Beach!

Apr 1, 2017

March 8th, 2017 was an incredible milestone for everyone that loves Crystal Cove. The California Coastal Commission unanimously approved a coastal development permit for the restoration of the 17 remaining unrestored cottages on the North Beach at Crystal Cove State Park. As joint applicants on the project, Crystal Cove Alliance (CCA) and California State Parks […]

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