North Beach Update, July 2021

If you’ve been to the beach just a few steps north of Crystal Cove’s Historic District, you’ve seen it. Not one, not two, but four cottages are being meticulously reconstructed to their former glory! The cottages– #3, #4, #12, and #31, are in the first phase of the North Beach Project and are set to become available to rent by mid-2022.

The Cottages started off in varying states of repair. While Cottage #4 was mostly structurally sound, Cottage #12 suffered from significant amounts of decay and required much more new material, said project manager Randall Gamache. “Piece by piece, we took the siding off the structure so that we could replace the rotten sheets with brand new sheer panel. Once the structure is sound so that it’s safe for habitation, we replace the original siding in their exact locations to maintain the historical integrity.”

The restoration process has also revealed several quirky, unanticipated discoveries that add even more character to our beloved Cove history. For example, when some rotten siding was removed, a papered-over window was uncovered, revealing that the room was a later addition to the exterior! Oh, and we can’t forget– the entire upper level of Cottage #4 was held in place with only a turned-over fruit box!

Our progress is all thanks to people like you. Whether you support us through long walks on the beach, generous donations, or fond memories in your heart, we are so grateful for your role in helping us restore our North Beach Cottages!

Now, take a look through the photo gallery below and explore the construction site!

  • A team of workers reinstalls bricks
  • Cottage #4
  • Load-bearing fruit box
  • Cottage 4 Interior
  • Bricks, labeled to be replaced in their exact location.
  • Siding, labeled to be replaced in their exact location.
  • The view from Cottage 4.
  • Tubs being re-enameled in front of Cottage 7.
  • Cottage 12
  • Cottage 12 interior. The white panels are original, the unpainted panels replace those that were too degraded to use.
  • The view from Cottage 12!

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