Crystal Cove Cottage Stays: 21 and Done!

Cindy R. of Mission Viejo completes her goal of staying in all cottages.

I first started staying at Crystal Cove approximately 3 years ago during a very difficult time in my life.  I found when I rented a cottage for one or two days, I could forget about everything else. I would read books, walk on the beach, sit and enjoy the fabulous sunsets every evening (I must have 500 pictures of Crystal Cove sunsets on my phone!), or just sit and look out the window at the peaceful ocean and coastline. Seeing all of the families and children enjoying the beach made me happy and made me think of all of the happiness that the Cove has provided for families for so many years. I soon looked to Crystal Cove as my place of solace and refuge and began to try to reserve a cottage whenever I could.  I feel that Crystal Cove had a big part in helping me get through that time and still helps me to this day.  It became a goal of mine to try and stay in each and every cottage (21 in total, not counting the 2 ADA cottages). This goal was finally realized when I stayed in Cottage #45 on December 18th.  I am so grateful for this magical place and it will always be a place of peace, solace and happiness for me.

When did you first discover Crystal Cove?

When my mother-in-law gave me a copy of the “Crystal Cove Cottages” book.

Do you have a favorite cottage?

Each cottage has its own unique charm, but I would have to say Romantic Retreat (#33) is one of my favorites because of the large enclosed side yard, and the incredible views up on the bluff.

How long did it take you to stay in all of the cottages? 

Three years.

Any tips for others that want to do the same?

My tip is to look for cancellations—patience and persistence pay off!

What’s your favorite thing about Crystal Cove?

The history of Crystal Cove and how it has survived all of these years.  I think about it every time I am there.

Special memories?

I have many special memories, but one of my favorites is when I took my granddaughter for the first time watching her run down the beach and explore the tide pools.  I also love it when I see dolphins or whales!


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