Paradise on Film

Paradise on Film


IMG_0513Crystal Cove has served as the perfect backdrop for many of Hollywood’s films since the 1920s, beginning with the now presumed lost film, Treasure Island.  From silent black-and-white pictures to the first talkies, there have been many subtle nods to the cove’s beautiful landscape over the years.

Desired for its unspoiled beaches, most prominently between the 20s and 30s, Crystal Cove became the unofficial choice for shooting stories about shipwrecks and tropical islands.  To do this, film crews built small thatched huts and trucked palms trees down from Los Angeles nurseries. The trees thrived in the coastal climate and became part of the ambiance.

As filming would come to a close, some of the “huts” were left behind and eventually took on lives of their own as the earliest vacation rentals.

Today, Crystal Cove still maintains that same beauty that originally captivated filmmakers.  With the area attracting more visitors each year, filming at the cove has taken on a whole new meaning.  Now, videos are shot and created by beachgoers themselves.  Here are a few YouTube clips showcasing the talents of these new directors:


Image top: A film set at the mouth of Los Trancos Creek
Image above left: Cottage #1 today on the original Los Trancos Creek film site


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