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Intern Spotlight

May 1, 2014

Intern Spotlight FROM FRESHMEN TO SENIORS, INTERNS PLAY AN INTEGRAL ROLE IN CCA’S EFFORTS TO COMBINE CONSERVATION INITIATIVES WITH EDUCATION AT THE PARK.   Last October, CCA welcomed a team of nine students from UC Irvine’s Center for Environmental Biology, who joined the team at Crystal Cove to supplement their research and studies in informal science education that takes place outside […]

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Working Hand in Hand

Apr 1, 2014

Working Hand and Hand DEEP PARTNERSHIPS WITH LOCAL BUSINESSES, SCHOOLS AND ORGANIZATIONS ARE FOCUSED ON EXPANDING THE CRYSTAL COVE COMMUNITY.   CCA’s partners allow us to bring Park visitors enhanced experiences that range from studying science through offshore boat programs to exploring carefully developed stations at the new Berns Environmental Study Loop. Our partners are the […]

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Water Watch

Feb 1, 2014

WATER WATCH EL MORRO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FIFTH GRADERS BECOME WALKING WATER SENSORS IN A SPECIAL CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT AT THE NEW BERNS ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY LOOP.   A primary focus for the new Berns Environmental Study Loop involves citizen science—including the scientific investigation of water in Moro Canyon. A UCI doctoral student in the school of […]

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A Living Laboratory

Sep 1, 2013

A Living Laboratory FROM CITIZEN SCIENCE AND STEM PROGRAMS TO UNIVERSITY-LEVEL RESEARCH, CCA AND UC IRVINE COME TOGETHER TO IMPROVE LOCAL EDUCATION.   Working with UC Irvine transforms Crystal Cove into a living laboratory, giving park visitors and students access to the work of local scientists who study a range of projects from invasive plants […]

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