Working Hand in Hand

Working Hand and Hand


CCA’s partners allow us to bring Park visitors enhanced experiences that range from studying science through offshore boat programs to exploring carefully developed stations at the new Berns Environmental Study Loop. Our partners are the most important tool we have in addressing our mission of conservation, education and restoration—here, learn about three of our valuable partners for 2014 and how they’re helping us create more opportunities for exciting programs and studies.

UCI: One of the top research universities in the Country, UCI is located just up the hill from Crystal Cove. The partnership with UCI offers CCA many ways to work with the prestigious university, including studies with its environmental science and management departments. At the Center for Environmental Biology, Director Travis Huxman has been an integral part of establishing research collaborations in Moro Canyon as part of the Berns Environmental Study Loop. CCA also partners with the schools of of physical sciences, computer sciences, engineering and education to connect university researchers with the coastal landscape and underwater park. At any given time, there are approximately one dozen active research collaborations taking place throughout the year, connecting Crystal Cove with UCI’s community of students and faculty.

Firebrand Media (pictured): Last year, CCA joined Firebrand Media in a powerful, media-driven partnership to produce a series of articles and exhibits that highlight the hidden secrets of Crystal Cove, showcasing things the local community might miss when they drive by. Among other things, these articles—three of which will be published later this year in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach magazines—summarize the incredible research and education programs, stories behind the restored cottages and the role of artists in the conservation moment. Firebrand has helped build stronger connections to our local residents in Laguna and Newport, giving them a deeper look into what’s happening at Crystal Cove, how to get involved and why it’s worth protecting.

Newport Landing Sportfishing: This unique collaboration was born out of the establishment of the Marine Life Protection Act in January 2012, when Crystal Cove’s waters (1,100 acres, or one-third of the state park) were dubbed a state marine conservation area where only certain types of fishing is allowed. Since then, CCA and NLS have worked together to develop the High School Marine Protected Area Citizen Science Cruise. The unique model keeps prices affordable and lowers the barrier for participation for more than 1,500 students each year.


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