Protecting Crystal Cove as Acting Central Sector Manager

In late 2015, Crystal Cove State Park welcomed Jim Newland as the new Acting Central Sector Manager of Crystal Cove State Park.

Jim is no stranger to the Cove. His extensive background in cultural preservation, natural resources, and interpretation were instrumental during the original restoration of the Historic District in the early 2000s, and he has helped to turn both the Historic District and Moro Canyon into renowned public spaces for the community to enjoy.

“Crystal Cove is one of those places that has significant historical and cultural resources,” he says. “To have the opportunity to take something like the Historic District and turn it into an accessible public resource is very rewarding.”

Prior to becoming the Acting Central Sector Manager at Crystal Cove, Jim was the manager of resources and interpretative services at California State Park’s Southern Service Center in San Diego. His familiarity with Crystal Cove will ensure that many current projects and programs, such as the Parks Forward Initiative, will seamlessly move forward.

Jim envisions Crystal Cove State Park as a model for relevancy and access that can inform the rest of the California State Park system.

“Parks are one of America’s best ideas,” he says. “To have public spaces that everyone can have an opportunity to enjoy, it’s a privilege to work for and is rewarding to be part of an institution committed to those beliefs.”

With visitation at Crystal Cove expected to increase this year, Jim hopes to enhance visitors’ experiences by sharing the importance of protecting this space and why a special place like Crystal Cove should be preserved for the future.


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