Community in the Commons

Cottage-42-2Dating back to the early days of beach tents and makeshift cottages, the “Commons” in the Crystal Cove Historic District was known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The cluster of six tiny cottages, located directly on Los Trancos creek, started as weekly rentals used by the Cove’s early film makers.  Later, they evolved into “Coveite” residences.

For many years, resident Coveites would gather in this space with friends, family, and visitors to enjoy the scenic beachfront setting, communal potlucks and each other’s company (or, just to sit in Stella’s hot tub).

Continuing with this tradition of community, the restored cottages have been rededicated as the Historic District’s Education Commons.  It’s here that Crystal Cove preserves the rich history and culture that once filled the area.

If you want to experience community life in the cove, join us every Wednesday for Community Days, from 10am-4pm, and kick off the day by making your very own sea glass jewelry, an Education Commons staple.  Be sure to follow Crystal Cove Alliance’s events page to stay up to date on specific activities happening that day and throughout the Cove.

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