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Fire Ecology Internship

Jan 6, 2022

Fire regime, our communities, and biodiversity are inextricably interconnected in Orange County. Recent large fires, such as the Silverado and Bond Fires, have affected our communities and shaped the landscape in ways that are likely felt by all living in Orange County.  In 2021, Crystal Cove Conservancy’s education team piloted an internship program for high […]

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Update on the October 2021 Huntington Beach Oil Spill

Oct 6, 2021

Last Updated: 10/12/21 Like many of you, we were heartbroken when we heard news of the oil spill about 4 miles off the coast near Huntington Beach. While authorities are still trying to put together a timeline, more than 140,000 gallons of oil spilled from a broken pipeline near an offshore drilling platform in the […]

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Studying Ants in Crystal Cove’s Backcountry

Oct 6, 2020

Take a sneak peek at ecological research happening in Crystal Cove State Park! Last fall, we began working with Dr. Wallace Meyer, an insect ecologist from Pomona College, and ten high school interns from Dana Hills High school to determine how the use of mulch in restoration affects the distribution of ants. This program was […]

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Bringing Back Butterflies

Jun 8, 2020

The abundance of butterflies in Crystal Cove this time of year is always a welcome sight. Their bright colors and delicate flight help bring the park to life after the winter rains. If you walk along the trails in Moro Canyon this summer, keep your eyes out for Western Tiger Swallowtails floating by the sycamores, […]

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Cottage #33: Romantic Retreat

Feb 12, 2020

The blue cottage on the cliff has been nestled over the ocean for nearly eighty years, its lightly weathered wood siding blending with sea, land, and sky. Once called “Provence Cottage,” charming Cottage #33 has been restored and renamed as “Romantic Retreat,” and is now part of the year-round overnight lodging at Crystal Cove. From […]

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Bobcats at Crystal Cove State Park

Jan 15, 2020

If you are out and about hiking in Crystal Cove State Park, you are likely to see lots evidence of the native wildlife, such as tracks, scat, and scratch marks. Bobcats are highly adaptable to living in a variety of habitats, but these beautiful animals are very secretive and solitary. We see their signs, but […]

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Crystal Cove’s Natural Playground

Dec 12, 2019

‘Tis the season to explore our underwater park. Winter months offer the lowest tides of the year with peaceful, uncrowded beaches making it the perfect time to discover the wonders of Crystal Cove’s tide pools. You could say tide pool organisms are the survivors of the ocean, living in two separate worlds where the ocean […]

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Cottage #23: “A Resource and Treasure for the People of California”

Dec 12, 2019

“The whole glorious story of … Crystal Cove” is the one Christine Shirley wanted visitors to understand when they visited Cottage #23, “Casita del Mar” on the North Beach. Christine first started visiting the cove in the 1930s, and acquired the lease to Cottage #23 in 1967. Among the terms she used most to describe […]

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The Resident Ravens of Crystal Cove

Oct 17, 2019

As summer comes to an end, visitors at Crystal Cove make their way back home. Along with the flocks of shorebirds that start to migrate in, as you take your stroll along the park, you may encounter a shadowy black figure flying overhead. Chances are that you might have witnessed a common raven. Common ravens […]

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From Jazz Era to Artists’s Retreat: Cottage #32

Oct 16, 2019

  In 1968, artist Alice Powell and her husband Tom acquired Cottage #32, also known by the whimsical “Hi-de-Ho” sign displayed on its exterior. Alice was a ceramicist who kept a kiln and workshop in the backyard of the cottage and hand painted her original fired work. Tom passed away in 1987, and Alice later […]

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