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The Cottage in Crystal Cove Hollow: Cottage 00 — “The Office”

Aug 14, 2019

Crystal Cove was a natural paradise discovered by artists, tent campers, and the silent film industry more than a century ago. From as early as 1917, movie studios planted palm trees to make the Cove even more cinematically tropical. It’s believed that every palm at Crystal Cove was planted by a Hollywood studio, including the […]

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Cottage #00: The Office

Feb 1, 2014

Cottage #00: The Office TO THIS DAY, COTTAGE #00 IS STILL USED AS OFFICE SPACE OF SORTS, BUT OVER THE YEARS HAS HELD SOME OF CRYSTAL COVE’S MOST TREASURED HISTORY WITHIN ITS FOUR SIMPLE WALLS.   As Crystal Cove emerged as a star on the silver screen, the need arose for a building where Hollywood executives […]

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