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Cottage #42: Stella’s Place

Apr 1, 2014

Cottage #42: Stella’s Place A FORMER COVITE RETURNS TO CRYSTAL COVE TO CELEBRATE HER 90TH BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR.   Over the years, a young woman named Stella developed a deep connection with Crystal Cove, dating back to 1938 when she came during spring break with her first boyfriend. She returned later in life to spend […]

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Cottage #00: The Office

Feb 1, 2014

Cottage #00: The Office TO THIS DAY, COTTAGE #00 IS STILL USED AS OFFICE SPACE OF SORTS, BUT OVER THE YEARS HAS HELD SOME OF CRYSTAL COVE’S MOST TREASURED HISTORY WITHIN ITS FOUR SIMPLE WALLS.   As Crystal Cove emerged as a star on the silver screen, the need arose for a building where Hollywood executives […]

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Cottage #14

Nov 1, 2013

Cottage #14 ONCE KNOWN AS THE MCCLOSKEY COTTAGE, TODAY THE SOUTH BEACH SUITE ENCHANTS VISITORS WITH AN ELEVATED FRONT DECK AND UNPARALLELED VIEWS OF PRISTINE BEACH.   Built in 1931 by Edith Henning, secretary for the legendary movie makeup artist Max Factor, Cottage #14 has a storied history. Edith fell in love with the cove […]

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Hot Tips From Inside The Tour

Nov 1, 2013

Hot Tips From Inside The Tour CCA FOUNDER LAURA DAVICK OFFERS TIPS FOR RENTING A COTTAGE, GIVING A SNEAK PEEK INTO HER REGULAR MONTHLY TOUR.   Laura Davick knows every nook and cranny of Crystal Cove. A third generation Covite—her parents met there in 1940—she now leads a monthly tour offering the latest tips and tricks […]

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Cottage #7

Oct 1, 2013

Cottage #7 NESTLED IN THE HILLSIDE OF CRYSTAL COVE’S NORTH BEACH, THE RAMSHACKLE REMAINS OF THE CARTER FAMILY VACATION HOME STAND AS A REMINDER OF GOOD TIMES PAST AND A PROMISING FUTURE THAT AWAITS. Earlier this year, 88-year-old Bud Carter returned to his family’svacation home—Cottage #7 at Crystal Cove—for the first time in 12 years. Though the cottage, as well […]

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Education Commons

Aug 1, 2013

EDUCATION COMMONS Recently restored, the Education Commons now welcomes park visitors with special programs and events.   In the heart of the historic district, the area where the Education Commons is located once featured small weekly rentals operated by the manager of Crystal Cove. In front of the small structures, there were also public showers and restrooms for the tenting community. Families […]

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Underwater Wilderness

Jul 1, 2013

UNDERWATER WILDERNESS CCA protects kelp forests, reefs and more in the marine protected area of Crystal Cove. With more than 1,100 acres of pristine marine protected area (approximately one-third of the park), Crystal Cove is a hotbed of underwater activity. Since January 2012, when Crystal Cove became a designated region in which human activity is restricted in the interest of protecting ocean ecosystems, […]

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Cottage #14 – South Beach Suite

Jun 1, 2013

COTTAGE #14: SOUTH BEACH SUITE Available now for overnight rental, Cottage #14 is part of the latest wave of CCA-restored buildings at Crystal Cove. Featuring an unparalleled location right on the beach, Cottage #14 was recently restored by Crystal Cove Alliance and California State Parks. Original owner Jane McCloskey Burzell helped bring this quaint cottage […]

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Cottage 45 – The Soda Shack

May 1, 2013

COTTAGE 45: The Soda Shack “Number 45 Crystal Cove cottage was built in the … early 1930s and was the original store located on the beach where the studio is now.”—Nancy and John Killen COTTAGE 45: Soda Shack With origins dating back to 1935, Cottage 45—also known as the Soda Shack—once served up snacks and sips to […]

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