Hot Tips From Inside The Tour

Hot Tips From Inside The Tour


Laura Davick knows every nook and cranny of Crystal Cove. A third generation Covite—her parents met there in 1940—she now leads a monthly tour offering the latest tips and tricks for enjoying a stay (or a day) at Crystal Cove. On the tour, she also highlights the latest “secret” ways for securing a reservation for one of the historic cottages. Here, she shares a few of her exclusive tips—the rest are available only on her tour!

• Check daily for cancellations at the reservation website, “Make it your mission to check daily,” Laura says. She suggests leaving your browser open to constantly refresh the page.

• When checking for cancellations, look one or two months out. “People hold onto their reservations when it’s six or seven months out,” Laura says. She adds that people tend to cancel closer to the date they’re supposed to visit.

• It’s on the Crystal Cove Beach Cottages website, but many people don’t realize that walk-ins are available for last-minute cancellations. The best way to secure a walk-in reservation, she says, is to pull into the Historic District’s 15-minute parking lot and ask at check-in if any last-minute cancellations have opened up a cottage for the day—try doing this when the forecast predicts inclement weather, as many people will cancel at a hint of rain.

• Laura’s tour is the only place where visitors can walk through of some of the restored overnight cottages to get a better sense of where they’re able to stay. She offers a look at the interior of the cottages, in addition to providing insight into the best times to book and other park gems (like hidden picnic tables for enjoying a secluded lunch).

Those who want to learn more tips can join Laura on her free two-hour tour, which departs from overnight rental check-in on the second Saturday of every month at 10 a.m. The tour also includes information on all of CCA’s education and conservation programs, upcoming programs to attend and details about the restoration plans for the final 17 cottages. It’s a different experience every time with up-to-date information, so join Laura as she shares Crystal Cove’s best secrets!

To make an advance cottage reservation, go to on the first of the month at 8 a.m.

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