Education Commons


Recently restored, the Education Commons now welcomes park visitors with special programs and events.

EducationCommonsIn the heart of the historic district, the area where the Education Commons is located once featured small weekly rentals operated by the manager of Crystal Cove. In front of the small structures, there were also public showers and restrooms for the tenting community. Families later began to move in, and the space became the perfect spot for “covite” parties and potlucks. Another favorite gathering place was Stella Hiatt’s bar and hot tub; Stella, who maintained a cottage at Crystal Cove for 23 years, was among the last residents to leave the park in 2001.

Today, the Education Commons is newly restored thanks to the efforts of CCA and California State Parks and is designated as one of the park’s educational venues. Walk over the footbridge and relax under the beautiful tree or one of the umbrellas, or take a tour through Crystal Cove’s timeline by listening to oral histories on the old phone, reading a period book and checking out a 1930s game to play with your family. Also not-to-be-missed are the nightly concerts put on by Crystal Cove’s frogs, a favorite tradition at the park.

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