Cottage #14 – South Beach Suite


Available now for overnight rental, Cottage #14 is part of the latest wave of CCA-restored buildings at Crystal Cove.

Featuring an unparalleled location right on the beach, Cottage #14 was recently restored by Crystal Cove Alliance and California State Parks. Original owner Jane McCloskey Burzell helped bring this quaint cottage back to life, donating the original 1940s stove, fire grates for the fireplace and a replica of the clock that sat on the mantel for more than 40 years. In addition, she donated her collection of beautiful artwork to be copied and hung in the cottage.

Now fully renovated, the two-story South Beach Suite features a multi-windowed living room, large kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a spacious elevated front deck offering sweeping views of the ocean. One fun feature of Cottage #14 is its king-size bed—the only one you’ll find at Crystal Cove! For more information on overnight rentals, visit: ReserveAmerica

Picture of interior of Cottage #14, Crystal Cove State Park

Another picture of the interior of Cottage #14, Crystal Cove State ParkExterior picture of Cottage #14 with a peek inside of the door. Crystal Cove State Park






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