Rolling Up the Welcome Mat for some of Crystal Cove’s Wildflowers

This time of year, Crystal Cove’s plants and wildflowers come alive with a dazzling spectacle of colors and smells.  Although many of these flowers paint a beautiful landscape, not all of them are appreciated by resource managers.

One of these unfortunate interlopers is Black Mustard.  Instantly recognizable by their vivid yellow color, they attract the eyes of many park visitors, but they are an invasive species that sprawls through an area and outcompete the native plants in that space.

In response to the mustard’s threat, Crystal Cove Alliance and Crystal Cove State Park’s Resource Management team have partnered to create a corporate volunteer program designed to help get the mustard out.  This spring, two of CCA’s corporate partners, Experian and Capital Group, will adopt and clear plots of land near Moro Canyon.

If you’d like to help with the invasive plant removal program yourself, join the Park’s Earth Day public volunteer event on April 18, 2015, from 9am-1pm.  To register for the event or for more information, visit the California State Parks Foundation website

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