Protecting a special place for future generations

There’s something special about sharing a piece of paradise with your loved ones. A place where you can take a breath, restore yourself amidst a soundtrack of bird songs and crashing waves, and wonder at the natural terrain all around you.

Even from afar, Crystal Cove is one of those special places.Looking closer, you find something even more special:our backcountry, coastal bluffs, and underwater park are critical habitats, full of rare and endangered species found nowhere else.

Protecting such a special place takes a special community.Researchers and State Park managers, students and community volunteers work tirelessly to protect our fragile ecosystems. From volunteers counting butterflies to eager fifth grade scientists helping to restore our backcountry, protecting Crystal Cove takes many hands.

Together, we can protect Crystal Cove so that generation after generation of park-goers can visit this special place just like we did to take a breath, restore, and wonder.

What we believe in

Protecting What’s in Our Own Back Yard

There are habitats and species found here in our back yard that are found nowhere else, such as the endangeredCalifornia gnatcatcher in Moro Canyon. We support StateParks as they protect and conserve animals, plants, and the land.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Our work in conservation is unique because we integrate students into the process. By weaving education and conservation together, we can protect Crystal Cove while training and inspiring our next generation of scientists.

Providing a Place for Community

Our community shares our love for nature as a place to gather and connect. From hosting volunteer stewardship events to providing conservation internships for high school students, we bring people together to protect Crystal Cove.

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