Project Crystal Curriculum 2020-2021

Check out the curriculum from the 2020-2021 Project Crystal mulch study! The project will be focusing on a new research question for the 2021-2022 school year. To learn about this year’s project and curriculum, visit the main Project Crystal page here! 

Teacher & Educator Resources

Module 1: Exploring Moro Canyon

Module 1 Lesson Guide

Module 2: Building Our Model

Module 2 Lesson Guide

  • Explore Part 1: Video Field Trip – Introduction to Our Research Project & Modeling

Module 3: Digging Deeper (optional)

Module 3 Lesson Guide 

  • Reflect : What is something new you learned that you are going to add to your model?

Module 4: Making Our Hypothesis

Module 4 Lesson Guide

  • Reflect: What is your hypothesis?  What would you expect to observe at our research site if your hypothesis was supported?

Module 5: Collecting Our Data

Module 5 Lesson Guide

  • Reflect: What did you observe at the research site? What do you think our next step should be, how can we answer our research questions?

Module 6: Analyzing Our Data

Module 6 Lesson Guide

  • Reflect: What trends did you see in the data? What is your recommendation to the land managers at Crystal Cove State Park?
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