“Old places have soul”

“Old places have soul.” – Sarah Anderson

At Crystal Cove Alliance, we believe that old places have soul, and that they are worth preserving. Through our subsidiary, Crystal Cove Beach Cottages (CCBC), CCA funds and manages cottage and park maintenance, enhancements and improvements in the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District.

Significant funds earned from the overnight cottage rentals and food service concessions are managed and allocated by Crystal Cove Beach Cottages in partnership with State Parks to support agreed upon projects that continue to preserve the soul of the old places we’re surrounded by in the Historic District. Through our management and oversight, we are able to financially assist State Parks to make timely improvements within the park.  Many of these enhancements go well beyond cottage maintenance to support interpretative programs, education, operations and maintenance throughout the Historic District and adjacent related facilities.

As with any piece of property it takes constant care and maintenance, but also careful planning for the future.  Right now, CCBC is busy with a number of improvement projects including:

  • The Los Trancos tunnel which runs under PCH to the Historic District is being resurfaced to route rain and runoff along the sides of the tunnel improving the walking path for visitors.  The tunnel is still a storm drain and will continue to be a conduit for runoff, but will only be wet during rain events once the project is completed.
  • The Los Trancos parking lot will also be receiving some much needed improvements including a complete re-surfacing, new lighting and an improved automated parking system, enhancing the visitor experience for all.
  • In the near future we will also be working on a new covered structure at the shuttle stop so visitors can be sheltered from both sun and rain while waiting for a ride to the Historic District and beach.

All of these improvements in the Historic District to support park facilities are prioritized for the benefit and enjoyment of the park and beach visitor.  Since its founding in 1999, Crystal Cove Alliance has taken its stewardship responsibilities to the park and Historic District seriously, because we believe, like you do, that these historic places have soul and should be protected and preserved for the future.


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