Natural Art


Crystal Cove sea glass adds splashes of color to miles of pristine beach.

Picture of 4 pieces of sea glass on the sand.A natural phenomenon, colorful sea glass washes up on the shores of Crystal Cove for visitors to discover while walking the beach. Smoothed by the constant motion of the ocean, sea glass is created from shards of broken bottles that date back as far as the early 1900s. Each piece is rated by color, with rich cobalt blues and aqua hues among the most rare shades. Every Wednesday at the Education Commons, join CCA in a free sea glass jewelry-making activity that turns these special pieces of Crystal Cove history into wearable art.

As sea glass is an integral part of the Crystal Cove experience, CCA is also excited to announce the launch of its new Sea Glass Circle membership program this month, which brings together
a distinguished group of community leaders who help protect the park’s natural beauty. Gifts from Sea Glass Circle members are used for high-impact community projects that will expand conservation efforts, on-the-water education, recreation, arts programming and more, in addition to Phase III restorations on the 17 remaining north beach cottages. The Sea Glass Circle offers five membership levels, with 83 percent of generous gifts going directly to CCA programs and services. Become a member today!

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