Lizards Love Beach Days Too!

Lizards Love Beach Days Too!

With the days getting warmer and summer fast approaching, human beach goers aren’t the only ones enjoying the change of pace.  Many of Crystal Cove’s resident reptiles can now be seen scurrying about in search of the best basking spots (sans beach chairs and umbrellas), proving that reptiles love Crystal Cove’s beaches and trails as much as anyone!

One of the most common reptile species that you’ll encounter here at Crystal Cove is the Western fence lizard.  These beautiful creatures are most recognizable for their bright blue undersides.

Harder to spot is the shy and elaborately decorated Alligator lizard.  These native lizards are vital to the overall health of the Crystal Cove ecosystem.   They are a part of the natural food web and consume anything they can catch, including Black Widow spiders.

Another lizard that can be found in Crystal Cove, albeit on rare instances, is the Silvery legless lizard.  As its name implies, these lizards have no legs and are often confused with snakes.  However, they are two different species entirely!

Keep your eyes peeled as you visit Crystal Cove this month and see how many of these scaly residents you can spot.

 Image above: A Western fence lizard wants to stay in a historic cottage too!


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