Fourth of July Fun

Fourth of July Fun


The 1960s and 1970s at Crystal Cove were a time of casual living, freedom and general merriment. Residents were left to their own devices—as long as they didn’t disturb the Irvine
Co. or attract too much attention—so bonfires blazed brightly almost every evening in the summer, as did glowing flotillas built by Bob Davick out of wooden planks and highway flares.

If there’s one thing Covites knew how to do, however, it was make a grand occasion out of every holiday (as well as every Saturday night!), so the Fourth of July marked a special day for those who lived and partied on the beach. Locals passed out handfuls of fireworks that lit up the shores and enlivened the already huge celebrations taking place. In fact, so many friends and relatives flocked to Crystal Cove that the private shores felt like a public beach.

Today—with everything we now know about the importance of protecting the pristine natural habitat—Crystal Cove Alliance takes careful measures to ensure the safety of both individuals and the wildlife at the Cove.

Fireworks and the like are no longer allowed on the beach, but visitors can still celebrate from the shores by watching fireworks shows from nearby communities.

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