Water Quality Monitoring Project


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Recording the Data

  1. Scroll through the images below to gather the water quality data for temperature, pH, salinity, and dissolved oxygen taken on the boat.
  2. Record the data in the Water Quality Google Form.
  3. Use the Water Quality Equipment Guide to check if the data is within normal ranges for Crystal Cove. If something is out of range, record it in the Water Quality Google Form.

MPA Water Quality Monitoring 6/3/2021

Submitting your Data

Once you have finished recording the measurements, use our Water Quality Monitoring Google Form to submit your data. If you would like to continue contributing and submit data for data collected on a different day, feel free to go to our list of past data collection days.


Previous Data Collection Dates

MPA Water Quality Monitoring 4/12/2020

MPA Water Quality Monitoring 11/9/2020

MPA Water Quality Monitoring 2/3/2021

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