Fish Monitoring Project

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Recording the Data

  1. You are looking for the presence of six specific species of fish: Senoritas, Blacksmith, Halfmoon, Sheephead, Kelp Bass, and Garibaldi.
  2. Play the video and use the Fish Identification Field Guide to identify any species of fish or other animals that you see.
  3. When you identify one of the target species, note its presence and record the time on the video in the Fish Monitoring Google Form.
  4. If one of the target species does not appear the video, note its absence in the Fish Monitoring Google Form.
  5. If you observe something else on the video – for instance, another species of fish, a crab, a marine mammal, or abandoned fishing gear – record its probable identity, presence, and time that it appears in the appropriate place in Fish Monitoring Google Form.

Fish monitoring video from 4/12/21

Fish monitoring video from 11/9/20

Fish monitoring video from 2/3/21

Submitting your Data

While you are viewing the video, use our Fish Monitoring Google Form to submit your data. If you would like to continue contributing and submit data for data collected on a different day, feel free to go to our list of past data collection days.

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