Beach Profiles Monitoring Project

Set Up Your Field Notebook

  1. Turn to a new page in your field notebook, and at the top record four pieces of information about the data collection event: Your name, today’s date, the date that the data was collected or filmed, and the transect ID.
    1. Your name
    2. Today’s date
    3. The date that the data was collected or filmed
    4. The Transect ID
  2. Draw a three columned table for your height measurement. Label the columns as follows:
    1. Column 1: Measurement Location
    2. Column 2: Height Measurement
    3. Column 3: Total Height Difference
  3. Under the Measurement Location column, write each odd number from 1 to 17 — these will be the different distances along the transect that height measurements will be taken.


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Recording the Data

  1. Play the video and identify which transect you will be following by finding the transect ID and writing it down on your data sheet.
  2. Record the data for the measurement location and height measurement for each step.
  3. Calculate the height difference between each measurement.
  4. Record the data in the Beach Profiles Monitoring Project Google Form.


Beach Profile: Transect A (3/24/21)


Submitting Your Data

While you are viewing the video, use our Beach Profiles Monitoring Google Form to submit your data. If you would like to continue contributing and submit data for data collected on a different day, feel free to go to our list of past data collection days.

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