Welcome to the

Coastal Dynamics Education Program!


Welcome to the Coastal Dynamics program!  During this virtual program, junior high and high school students take a step into the shoes of coastal engineers to help us understand how Crystal Cove State Park’s Beaches are changing.

The Coastal Dynamics education program is the result of a collaboration between Crystal Cove Conservancy, Crystal Cove State Park, and researchers at UC Irvine’s Samueli School of Engineering to monitor our everchanging coastlines.  Coastal Dynamics participants will learn about how our coasts and beaches are changing, collect and analyze beach erosion data, and develop recommendations to share with State Park resource managers.

The educational curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for middle and high school. The curriculum includes twelve lessons, each lasting 45-60 minutes.

Please visit our field trip page for information on booking an in-person trip.

 How to Join

The virtual version of the Coastal Dynamics education program is free for everyone! If you are a teacher or homeschool educator and would like to join Coastal Dynamics for the 2023-2024 school year, please complete this survey and let us know.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact Alyssa Aldaz, Education Manager, by emailing alyssa@crystalcove.org.

Teacher Professional Development

We highly recommend that all teachers, educators, and parents who will be facilitating the Costal Dynamics education program attend an online professional development session.  This training gives an overview of the program, an introduction to the different lessons, and walks you through general teaching logistics.  We will also offer specialized trainings focused on aspects of the program, such as building computer models or analyzing data.

2023-2024 Training Dates:

In-person workshops (recommended for teachers participating in field trips):

Virtual Coastal Dynamics Curriculum

Teacher & Educator Resources

Session 1: Defining the Problem

Session 2: Designing a Model

Session 3: Diving Deeper (Optional)

Session 4: Refining Our Model (Optional)

Session 5: Collecting Data

Session 6: Creating Three-Dimensional Representations (Optional)

Session 7: Analyzing Data

Session 8: Refining Our Problem Statement

Session 9: Developing a Solution

Session 10: Sharing Our Solution

Have any other questions? Please contact Alyssa Aldaz by emailing alyssa@crystalcove.org for more information!

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