This project is part of Bird Week for Crystal Cove State Park’s Virtual Jr. Ranger Program! Click here to learn more about birds!

Crystal Cove State Park is home to several threatened or endangered bird species, so State Park environmental scientists do lots of different bird surveys in the park to monitor how healthy our bird populations are. Now you can conduct a bird survey from home using the eBird app from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to help scientists keep track of bird populations where you live!

How You Can Help!

Step 1: Learn about bird monitoring in Crystal Cove State Park.

Start by watching and listening to the Monitoring Bird Populations slideshow with Kaitlin on Voicethread, which will introduce you to the project. 

Step 2: Practice identifying birds.

See if you can use our Bird Field Guide to identify the bird species  in our Identifying Birds Slideshow

Step 3: Conduct a bird survey in your own backyard! 

Next, go out into your backyard or neighborhood and see how many bird species you can find!  Watch this Voicethread with Kaitlin to learn how to conduct a bird survey at home. 

Use the Merlin ID app to identify any birds that you spot, and eBird to enter your sightings!

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