Crystal Cove’s Resident Ravens

Crystal Cove is home to one of the smartest and friendliest bird species—the raven. According to Rick Boufford, who has been documenting the ravens of the Cove for the past 12 years, there are currently 6 mated pairs living within specific regions along the coastline.

As juveniles, ravens are kicked out of their nests by their parents and form bands with other displaced ravens until it’s time to search for a mate. Once paired off, ravens are mated for life and settle down in an area permanently. Ravens are extremely territorial and will chase away predators and other trespassing ravens.

Of the 6 families Rick has documented living along the Cove’s coastline, Harold and Maude are the monogamous pair living in the most heavily trafficked part of Crystal Cove, the Historic District. “While waiting for lunch at the Beachcomber, take a peek behind the restaurant and watch for Harold and Maude who are usually perched over telephone poles,” Rick recommends.

For more information, please visit The Raven Diaries for a detailed guide on Crystal Cove’s resident ravens.

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Top image: Harold and Maude basking in the sun
In-text image: Map of Crystal Cove’s resident raven territories
Photos courtesy of Rick Boufford

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