Crystal Cove State Park – Accessibility for All

Crystal Cove State Park – Accessibility for All

Access to Crystal Cove State Park’s stunning beaches and blufftops have always provided challenges for visitors of all abilities who want to experience all that our unique park has to offer. Despite the challenges of a rugged and diverse environment, accommodations are continually being made to improve the experience for our guests visiting the Historic District.

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The Los Trancos parking lot features an ADA Accessible shuttle stop, including regulation ramps which lead to nearby restrooms. The Beachcomber Café shuttle ferries visitors across busy Pacific Coast Highway and into the Crystal Cove Historic District. The shuttle is ADA accessible and can transport wheelchairs, making an otherwise challenging journey easier for our park visitors.

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Crystal Cove Conservancy has proudly worked in partnership with the California Coastal Conservancy to provide all-terrain beach wheelchairs, located adjacent to the Historic District Visitors Center, to make all areas of the park and beach accessible for everyone. Some wheelchairs and mobility devices can struggle making it through the sand and uneven terrain. Our wheelchairs have specially designed tires made for this environment. Use of the wheelchairs require no reservations or fee, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All we ask is that you please observe all rules posted, and that the chairs be used solely by disabled guests who need them.

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Crystal Cove Beach Cottages has dedicated specific ADA cottages for guests with disabilities. Guests with ADA license plates, parking placards, or disabled veteran license plates are able to reserve these cottages. Cottage #1, the Beach Pad, is located just south of the turquoise Cottage #46, with a patio just inches away from the beach, and facing down the coast. Cottage #18, the Sunset Bungalow, built in 1926, is located up on the bluff, with amazing panoramic views of the beach and the Historic District. It is one of the oldest in the historic District. Finally, the dorm-style room #38D in the Beachcomber’s Lodge, another blufftop Cottage, is also ADA accessible and available only for ADA registered guests. As the North Beach Project nears completion, more ADA registered cottages will be added, as well as a 650-foot boardwalk reminiscent of the old boardwalk that spanned the length of North Beach. This boardwalk will provide full public and ADA access for future guests and park visitors.  For more information on Crystal Cove Beach Cottages, view the webpage here.

As we look to the future, we continue to strive to make Crystal Cove State Park a place where all can enjoy the full experience of nature in our beautiful park.

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