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“Happiness to All Who Visit This Cottage” Quotations from a Decade of Cottage Guest Journals on the Ten-Year Anniversary of Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

We feel like California time travelers …. we never want to leave. Don’t change a thing; everything is perfect!”

This 2009 hand-written entry from the guest journal of restored Beach Cottage #29 is one of the many reflections recorded by overnight visitors since Crystal Cove Beach Cottages (CBCC) first opened its doors ten years ago in June of 2006.

While the enduring value of the restoration of the cottages has been recognized with a decade of full occupancy — as well as with the prestigious Governor’s Historic Preservation Award — the more personal value to visitors has been preserved in the heartfelt words recorded in the cottages’ guest journals since CBCC’s opening on June 26, 2006.

As Laura Davick, Crystal Cove Alliance’s founder recalls: The first night we opened, I ran down to Barnes and Noble and purchased 17 journals … and I said we are starting a new tradition of capturing everyone’s memories and experiences here.” This “new tradition” for CCBC was in keeping with Crystal Cove’s history of fun and meaningful community-building traditions.

Just as Laura hoped they would, the guest journals have “captured memories and experiences” that reflect the diversity of CCBC’s guests. Ranging from whimsical to profound, each individual journal entry is as distinct as each individual cottage, but all are connected by the single theme of gratitude. As Laura says, “When you read these journals, the thing you hear over and over again is that it has been the best experience for my family,” and this gratitude is not only for the good fortune of landing a reservation at Crystal Cove beach cottages, but a more expansive gratitude “that such a place does indeed exist,” and continues to be preserved and restored for future generations.

On CBCC’s ten-year anniversary, Crystal Cove’s history of being discovered, loved, and protected endures with the cottages’ restoration and opening as lodging and common public spaces. This anniversary is an opportunity to share reflections from guests who have been inspired by Crystal Cove, and become part of its most recent traditions and living history.

  1. “The state’s creation in this great location fills us with elation.” Cottage #19B CREW’S QUARTERS (2006)
  1. “Wonder at the tide pools …wait for the trumpet to signal the Martini flag …watch your grandkids fall asleep.” Cottage #18 SUNSET BUNGALOW (2007)
  1. “May all who stay in the Shell Shack cottage enjoy this very special place.” Cottage #2 SHELL SHACK (2008)
  1. “A longing to stay and never leave. You have left a part of yourself here, and are taking a part with you.” Cottage #18 SUNSET BUNGALOW (2008)
  1. “What a magical place to detach from our hectic fast-paced life and re-connect with the sea and all its beauty!” Cottage #29A/B LONG BOARD LODGE (2009)
  1. “The withdrawal from electronics is painful for teenagers, but given a little space and time, they come around and engage in the simple joys the cove offers.” Cottage #37 FISHERMAN’S PERCH (2012)
  1. “Crystal Cove is a magical place that bridges any gaps of separation. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from: you’re destined to leave this place a better person.” Cottage #1 CREEKSIDE STUDIO (2012)
  1. “We began our day … to the sounds of crashing waves and errant sea birds. I am overcome by the idyllic retreat that is Crystal Cove.” Cottage #40 CREEKSIDE STUDIO (2013)
  1. “Relax … leave worries behind, take walks holding hands, nap daily, be grateful for the day, breathe in the ocean.” Cottage #18 SUNSET BUNGALOW (2014)
  1. “At the beach, life is different. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” Cottage #33 ROMANTIC RETREAT (2015)

Happy Ten-Year Anniversary to Crystal Cove Beach Cottages from a decade of grateful guests for what they have called “the gift” of time at “this special, magical place,” made possible by the collaborative vision and support that continues to sustain Crystal Cove.

Special thanks to CCA volunteer and writer, Virginia Webber for her generous ongoing work on this newsletter. Virginia is writing the Then & Now section of The Wave and everyone at CCA is very grateful!


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