Crystal Cove Beach Cottages Staff Highlight


The Crystal Cove Beach Cottage experience goes beyond just staying in the cottages. It includes the crew that helps hold the entire operation together behind the scenes. From the front desk, to the shuttle service, to the maintenance, to the traffic control, Beach Cottages is an operation that has continuously served over 4,000 guests annually since opening day. We’d like to give you a little insight into some of the people you might interact with who help make our Cove the special place that it is.


Chris is a Guest Services Associate, and works at the touchpoint for everything that goes on in the Cove. He is from Laguna Beach, and remembers catching his first wave at Crystal Cove while his sister rode horses at the stables at Pelican Point. Afterwards, they would get date shakes at the Orange Inn across the way. He especially values learning from Laura Davick on Cove history, and the family like atmosphere that working at the Cove provides. “One of the best aspects of Crystal Cove is connecting people with the cottages they love, either through staying in them, or the history, or helping with the restoration, or education programs, or Junior Guards. Its awesome to be a part of everything going, I’m very blessed to be here.”





Darrell is the shuttle driver for Beach Cottages, and has been here nearly a year. He began working for State Parks 3 years ago before jumping on the opportunity to work for Beach Cottages. His daily route includes taking guests from the check-in office to their cottage. “I meet at least 80% of the guests who arrive and depart during the week. My favorite part of the job is when guests arrive, seeing the genuine love and affection they have for the Cove.” After the stress of travel, guests are immediately relieved by Darrell’s helpfulness, humor, and love of all things cottages-related. “You can’t beat the office view,” he says.






Robert has been a fixture of Crystal Cove Beach Cottages for nearly six years, and currently directs traffic for the North Beach cottage restoration construction. Although the traffic can get a little heavy during the week, Robert does a great job making sure people are getting where they need to go. “I love the Cove for its natural diversity.” says Robert, “This place is beautiful, and what I love most about it is that it’s being preserved for future generations. And also for the great people who I interact with on any given day. It really brings a lot of special people together, and that’s what we love most about it.”






Andy is the Facilities Manager of Beach Cottages, and has been with us for almost two years. He spent nearly 30 years as a painting contractor, and brings a wealth of talents and skills that have proven invaluable to the upkeep of the Historic Cottages. “Its been awesome to work with the cottages on a daily basis, and know them intimately, and also watch them as they change and improve. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be here.” He also works with State Parks and contractors to provide any maintenance necessary, while overseeing housekeeping, supplies, and closures. Although he has been a Laguna resident since 1979, his memories of Crystal Cove stretch back even further to a decade earlier. His mother would take trips to Southern California to teach in Long Beach, and he would enjoy the Cove in its less developed days. His favorite thing about Crystal Cove?  The North Beach cottage restoration being finished is definitely a highlight for me, because I think they are the coolest cottages, they’re away from all the traffic noise and crowds, right in front of the beach, and their unique construction. It’s going to be really exciting to see them come together.”


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