Crystal Cove Beach Cottages: A Vintage Home Away from Home

In June of 2006, Crystal Cove Beach Cottages (CCBC) opened its doors for the first time. This year, CCBC will celebrate its tenth anniversary, offering visitors the opportunity to stay overnight in a historic cottage along Crystal Cove’s pristine beach.

Maintenance Assistant Jeff Stevenson joined the CCBC team shortly after opening day. From the beginning, he has seen how the cottages have enriched people’s experiences over the years.

“The cottage’s popularity has been here from the get-go,” he says. “We’ve had full occupancy from the first day we opened because people are happy to be here. They’re fascinated by the cottages and they never tire of the changing beach scenery.”

ThenFirstRegisteredGuestEach cottage was not only restored back to its original design from the 1930s through 1950s, but also had to tell a unique story. Careful attention was paid to everything from the vintage design and multi-colored walls to the decorative odds and ends in order add to the charm of this seaside oasis.

Today, CCBC continues its unprecedented growth, successfully maintaining a 98% plus occupancy rate, a figure almost unheard of in the hospitality industry. CCBC Manager Lindsay Lane has an idea as to why guests keep coming back even ten years after the original opening.

“Guests will sometimes arrive stressed out, but by the time we shuttle them to their cottage, they are smiling, relaxed, and calm” says Lindsay. “There is some kind of positive energy here that indeed adds to the attraction of being in this unique environment.”


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