Crystal Cove Alliance Introduces New Multimedia Audio Guide and Phone App for Exploring the Berns Environmental Study Loop

FullSizeRenderExploring the Berns Environmental Study Loop just got a little easier with the addition of a new multimedia audio guide for your smart phone!  Produced by CCA and narrated by Crystal Cove State Park Interpretive Naturalist Winter Bonnin, the new audio guide will introduce park visitors to the natural history of Moro Canyon, the ongoing monitoring projects taking place in the park, as well as provide opportunities for users themselves to contribute to these projects.

Before its revitalization and the installation of the Berns Environmental Study Loop, lower Moro Canyon used to be a difficult place for the public to explore.  Starting in the 1920s, the area housed a trailer park with no public access to the beach.  In 2006, the trailer park closed and the beaches were reopened to the public.  In 2014, the Berns Environmental Study Loop was officially introduced to the public as an educational hub designed to immerse park visitors in the science of conservation and park management.

Explore the Berns Environmental Study Loop today by downloading the Crystal Cove State Park audio guide available exclusively on the izi.Travel app.  The app is completely FREE to use and is available now for download on the Apple App store, Google Play Store, and the Windows Phone Store.

Be sure to try out the new audio guide and let us know what you think by writing a review or using the comments section below!


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