CCA to Partner with UCI OCEANS Focusing on Ocean Sustainability

CCA to Partner with UCI OCEANS Focusing on Ocean Sustainability

Crystal Cove Alliance is excited to announce its partnership with UCI OCEANS (Oceans, Changing Environments, Arts, and Nearshore Societies), a new three-year initiative that aims to tackle mounting questions regarding ocean sustainability.  CCA is poised to strengthen its ocean education and conservation programs with this campus-wide extension of its UCI partnerships.

The UCI OCEANS initiative seeks to bridge the gap between university research, ocean-related organizations, and community members.  Its goals include: supporting research with a strong local focus, engaging UCI students in local ocean issues, and encouraging UCI faculty and students to take part in community activities.

The key to the initiative, according to UCI OCEANS Director Dr. Adam Martiny, is its interdisciplinary approach.  “UCI OCEANS will offer a fresh take on ocean research and education by embracing a vision and approach that spans the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts, education, law and governance,” says Dr. Martiny.

CCA’s Marine Protected Area Citizen Science cruise is already contributing to UCI OCEANS faculty-supported research projects.  Digital fishing videos, used to determine the fish biodiversity in the Crystal Cove area, are sent to Dr. Donovan German, while live plankton samples are sent to UCI’s Dr. Peter Bryant.  However, since UCI OCEANS involves so many departments, there are endless opportunities to deepen our existing partnerships.

“Our burgeoning partnership with Crystal Cove Alliance is a great example of the exciting activities that can be developed through partnerships between UCI and the local community,” says Dr. Martiny.

For more information, please visit UCI OCEANS’ website

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