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The Cottage in Crystal Cove Hollow: Cottage 00 — “The Office”

Aug 14, 2019

Crystal Cove was a natural paradise discovered by artists, tent campers, and the silent film industry more than a century ago. From as early as 1917, movie studios planted palm trees to make the Cove even more cinematically tropical. It’s believed that every palm at Crystal Cove was planted by a Hollywood studio, including the […]

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Cottage #46 – The Summer Store

Jul 17, 2019

Summertime has always been the busiest season at Crystal Cove, and from early days, there was a summer store right on the beach to serve the summertime Cove community. The first summer store was a palm-thatched snack stand. By 1935 it had been replaced by the red and white Soda Shack. After the Soda Shack […]

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Summer Camp at Crystal Cove

May 15, 2019

From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, families flocked  to Crystal Cove to set up camp for the summer In the early days at the cove, after the highway was completed in the mid-1920s, people began to discover the beauty of Orange County’s coast. No longer the well-kept secret of Hollywood insiders and Irvine Ranch employees, the cove was now open […]

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“This is truly a magical place” – Cottage #14, South Beach Suite

Mar 15, 2019

  Cottage #14 began as a simple palm-frond hut hastily built during The Great Depression. Over the years,  the once tiny hut evolved into a spacious light-filled cottage available for overnight lodging. Known now as “South Beach Suite” for its South Beach location and views, and as “McCloskey Cottage” for the family who lived there […]

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“That Darling Old House” – Cottage #12 on the North Beach

Feb 7, 2019

“Bless that darling old house!” wrote one longtime occupant of Cottage #12, the white two-story cottage that has watched over the North Beach for ninety years. Tucked into the hillside at a slight tilt, Cottage #12 is a familiar feature of the iconic North Beach silhouette. Captured by photographers and artists for nearly a century, […]

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A childhood spent at Crystal Cove Historic Cottage #7

Jan 17, 2019

Crystal Cove Historic Cottage #7 still stands fenced off among the other North Beach cottages preparing for renovation, but the memories spent within them are still alive for Dale Carter, grandson of the original Carter family that built the cottage. Dale was kind enough to share some of his early experiences spent at Cottage #7 […]

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Submerged treasures at Crystal Cove

Jan 17, 2019

On a beautiful autumn day in early November of 2018, the California State Parks dive team convened on a boat offshore of Crystal Cove State Park, ready to take a plunge. The visibility was excellent that day, and would make for a fascinating survey. The mission? To conduct a condition assessment for a very precious […]

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