Calling all Bird Enthusiasts

It’s that time of year again! The autumn season is just beginning to settle over Crystal Cove and that means plenty of opportunities to catch glimpses of migrating birds. With the Park crowds slowing down and students headed back to school, September is the perfect time to go birding!

BULLOCK'S ORIOLE IMG_7182 RAs the seasons change, some birds will be leaving Crystal Cove while others will be arriving. Bullock’s and Hooded Orioles, for example, who have been here since the beginning of summer, are making their way south, while shore birds such as the Snowy Plovers, Black-bellied Plovers, Whimbrels, and Sanderlings are beginning to populate Crystal Cove’s sandy beaches.

For those interested in learning more about birds, Crystal Cove State Park bird docent Tom Eastman will be hosting a Bird Walk on Saturday, September 5th, at 8m in the Berns Amphitheatre in Lower Moro Canyon. For more information, please visit the CCSP calendar

Top image: Snowy Plover playing in Crystal Cove’s tidepools
In-text image: Bullock’s Oriole taking a break behind the Crystal Cove gift shop
Photos courtesy of Trude Hurd


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