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Seventeen of the original historic beach cottages remain unrestored along the North Beach at Crystal Cove. Without restoration, these last cottages will remain empty and unused and may deteriorate to the point where restoration will become impossible. Crystal Cove Conservancy’s proposed North Beach Restoration will ensure that this does not happen and that these historic structures will be restored and leveraged to create additional renewable revenue streams and provide a frontline laboratory to study coastal engineering and coastal dynamics.

Once complete, all seventeen of the restored cottages will be added to the overnight rental pool, which will result in twenty-two additional rental units, nearly doubling the number of rental units at Crystal Cove. This includes plans for Cottage #20 to be developed as a per bed open-dorm style lodge which will be used approximately 36 nights per year for a new coastal engineering and resilience program that will bring underserved high school students to the Cove for overnight education programs to study the effect of sea level rise and a changing climate on our delicate coastline. The Conservancy and California State Parks is working with University of California Irvine (UCI) and UC Irvine’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering to develop programs and curriculum.

After four years in the application process, on March 8, 2017, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved the coastal development permits for the restoration of the North Beach cottages.

Like the first two phases of cottage restoration, this endeavor will rely on the generous contributions from members of our community. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help to become part of the legacy of Crystal Cove, please contact us.

Crystal Cove Conservancy North Beach Restoration Project Contacts

Laura Davick, Founder & Vice President 949.887.0062

Alix Hobbs, President & CEO

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