How do I make a reservation to stay at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages?

Two (2) simple methods:


The 1st of Each Month at 8am PST, sharp!

At 8AM sharp on the first (1st) of each month the entire seventh (7th)
month in the future opens for reservation(s) at

Note: You must have an existing account or pre-register prior to the monthly ‘online sale’.

  1. Go to, then enter into ‘Crystal Cove Beach Cottages
  2. Select ‘Reserving a Cottage
  3. Click ‘reserve america’ icon:
  4. Scroll down to view ‘Campsite List’ and ‘Date Range Availability’ tabs
    Select ‘Date Range Availability’ tab
  5. Look for your desired cottage and dates: A = Available for booking

In addition to registering, we highly recommend that you visit both and sites to further familiarize yourself with functionality of each site, detailed cottages descriptions, rental policies, our reservation procedures, rules and regulations, etc.


for Availabilities Due to Cancellations

Cancellations are converted to Availabilities within minutes and posted as the letter A in the shaded areas under Crystal Cove Beach Cottages: ‘Date Range Availability’ tab-page.

On the ‘Date Range Availability’ tab-page, simply look/scan for your desired Arrival Date and Cottage, click on any A to book immediately!


Yes, you’re most welcome to personally ‘walk-in’ on any given day & inquire at any time after 11am (Check-Out time) about ‘same day’ availability/vacancy.

Here at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages we aren’t made aware of availabilities until that same day by ReserveAmerica. Since all reservations & cancellations are processed at ReserveAmerica, as their posting may or may not remain online, even if the Walk-In availabilities have been filled.

What are the rates for cottage rentals?

The average rate per Individual Cottage, is only $222 per night. The maximum occupancy allowed per cottage varies from 4 to 9 persons. Dorm-Style, Private Room Cottage average is only $64. – the range of rates are from $179 to $251; and, $36 to $108, respectively.

For rates and occupancy limits see

Am I able to cook during my stay at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages?

All cottages have a microwave and refrigerator; and, several ADA Disabled units have a small electric cook top, as well. Disposable paper plates, napkins, paper towels & basic utensils are supplied.

Note: It’s suggested that you bring any favorite utensils such as knives, can openers, containers, bowls, etc. & coffee mugs. Moreover, coffees & coffee carafes are available in the Reception Office all day for your enjoyment in the cottages.

Will I be able to barbecue at the cottages if I am an overnight guest at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages?

Open flames are prohibited in the entire Crystal Cove State Park Historic District. This includes charcoal and wood-burning barbeques, tiki torches, candles, smoking, and other open flames. However, self-contained gas canister type barbeques are permitted on the beach and at designated locations at each cottage.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all cottages – violations will be charged damage fees.

Are pets allowed at the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District?

Dogs on leashes, are only allowed on the common roads and pedestrian pathways within the park and Historic District. No pets are allowed in the cottages or on the beach with the exception of qualified ADA Service Animals (dogs) as recognized by Department of Justice ADA law, Titles II & III.

What are Dorm~Style, Private Cottage Room cottages?

Cottages #29A,B, #38A,B,C,D & E and #39A,B & C have been designated as Dorm-Style, Private Room Cottages. These lodgings include individually secured private bedrooms that share a common living area, kitchen, patio areas and bathrooms. Like the Individual Cottages, the Dorm-Style, Private Room Cottages have been decorated with period appropriate colors and furnishings to preserve Crystal Cove’s unique historical ambiance.

For Dorm-Style Rooms, linens and towels will be furnished on bed tops upon arrival. It will be the guests’ responsibility to make their own beds. Towels are not replaced during your stay.

Also, in Dorm-Style cottages, common areas and Kitchens feature a microwave, refrigerator, disposable paper plates, napkins, paper towels and basic utensils.

In addition, several ADA Disabled cottages include a small electric cooktop.

Alcohol possession is prohibited in all Dorm~Style, Private Room Cottages.

How many nights can I stay at the Cottages? Is there a limit?

You can reserve up to seven (7) nights per ‘rolling calendar year.’ These can be reserved in one 7-night block or split between multiple stays.

What amenities are provided at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages?

Every Individual and Dorm-Style Cottage has been renovated to match its 1935 to 1955 condition. Every cottage has been carefully restored with modern electricity, plumbing, and safety features, while at the same time preserving every original detail possible. The historic cottages are fully furnished with vintage furniture and accessories.

Housekeeping service is limited. For Individual Cottages, beds will be made with towels and soap placed in bathrooms. No daily service will be provided except for trash removal. After 4 days, towels will be replaced upon request. For Dorm~Style Private Rooms, linens and towels will be furnished on bed tops upon arrival. It will be the guests’ responsibility to make their own beds. Towels are not replaced during your stay.

There are no laundry facilities on the premises. No beach towels will be furnished, but they along with chairs and umbrellas, will be available during the season on the beach for a nominal fee.

There are no televisions, phones or wifi in the cottages.

All cottages have kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens feature a microwave, refrigerator and disposable paper plates, napkins, paper towels and basic utensils; and, several ADA Disabled cottages include a small cook top. Cottages do not have working kitchen stoves.

Complimentary coffees and tea will be available at the reception office each morning starting at 7am. Smoking is prohibited in and around all cottages, and alcohol possession is prohibited in all Dorm-Style Cottages. For information about Crystal Cove Beach Cottages’ accommodations & amenities, please review our Guest Information section at

What are the Check-In and Check-Out times?

Check-In is after 4:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm; and, Check-Out is any time prior to 11:00 am. Sorry, late Check-Outs are not allowed and strictly monitored.

What is the cancellation policy at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages?

To cancel a reservation, call ReserveAmerica’s Customer Service: 800.695.2269 or, if your reservation was made online, visit their website at

The cancellation policy at ReserveAmerica is as follows:

  • Your original $8.00 reservation fee is nonrefundable.
  • If you cancel a confirmed reservation or must leave the park early, a cancellation fee of $7.50 per reserved cottage will be deducted from any refund you may be due.
  • If you cancel a confirmed reservation and make a new reservation during the same call, a transfer fee of $8.00 will be charged.
  • If you cancel your reservation after 5:00 pm the day before your arrival date, the first night’s fee is forfeited.
  • A reservation will be held for you until 12:00 pm the day after your arrival date. If you do not contact our Registration Office before that time, you will be considered a ‘no-show,’ and your reservation will be cancelled. Further, you will be refunded the amount paid for the cottage, less the nonrefundable $8.00 reservation fee, the $7.50 cancellation fee, and one night’s cottage fee.
  • If you miss your first day but plan to arrive later, prior to 12:00 pm, you must contact our Registration Office each day to hold the remainder of your reservation.
  • If you must leave one or more days early ( early-out ) you must Check-Out before 11am (there are no exchanges). Retain your confirmation letter until you have received your refund or your credit card has been credited, if applicable. Allow at least 30 days to receive your refund.

Note: In-house Cancellation Policy: Registered guests may cancel any remaining nights at the Front Desk no less than 24 hours prior to the 11am check-out time of the requested departure date to avoid a one night’s room charge.

  • If an emergency or disaster forces closure, we will try to notify you as soon as possible. All fees, including the reservation fee, will be refunded.
  • In cases of inclement weather when the cottages remain open but you choose to leave, refunds will be based on the early-out or In-house cancellation policies.
  • If you are unable to honor your reservation due to a medical emergency or death in the family, a cancellation fee of $7.50 per reservation as well as the nonrefundable reservation ($8.00) will be deducted from any refund you may be due by ReserveAmerica
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