Accessibility Information

Beach Wheelchairs

For more information on how and where to get a Beach Wheelchair during your visit, click here!

Disabled Parking

For disabled parking availability and locations please visit our parking page for more info.

Accessible Trails

The following Trails are Wheelchair accessible:

  • Trail 1
  • Trail 2
  • Trail 3

For more general information on about our trails click here!

Accessible Cottages

The ADA Cottages at Crystal Cove feature the following accommodations:

  • Wheel Chair Accessibility
  • ADA Bathrooms
  • Disabled Parking located near the Cottages

For more detailed information on each specific cottage and for info on how to book an ADA Cottage click here!

Service Animals

No pets are allowed in the rental cottages or on the beach with the exception of qualified ADA Service Animals as recognized by Department of Justice ADA law, Titles II & III.

  • Note!: Emotional Support animals are not recognized as service animals by ADA law Titles II & III.

Furthermore, Dogs on leashes, are only allowed on the common roads and pedestrian pathways within the park and Historic District.

Translated Documents and Materials

For a complete list of translated Documents and Materials click here!

All Gender Restrooms and ADA Restrooms

You can find All Gender Restrooms and ADA Restrooms at the following Locations

[map with bathroom locations]

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