Summer Campaign Challenge!

We need your help!

After years in the making and incredible efforts from the public, we are now closer than ever to finally restoring the remaining 17 cottages in North Beach. This Heritage Legacy Project represents the final phase of restoration needed to complete this vision for Crystal Cove, which includes building the infrastructure, restoring the remaining cottages, new and expanded educational programs, restoring full public access to this area of the Historic District, and protecting the natural environment. But the timeline for completing this project is directly tied to the Crystal Cove Conservancy’s ability to raise funds for this project. We need your help. Here’s what you can do!

On June 8, 2018, the Packard Foundation approved offering a challenge to our community. Their challenge is to provide a $10M low interest construction loan if we can raise $5M in funds through multi-year pledges by September 1, 2018. They will then loan the balance of the funds needed to begin the infrastructure portion of the project. As of July 9, we still have $3.9M to go to meet our goal.

This means that the restoration work could finally begin this fall! But we need your help now.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation or multi-year pledge of one to five years, payable by 2023 towards this effort, please let us know!

A donation from you and your family towards this project will assist us in creating a sustainable future for all of Crystal Cove State Park. During the next 38 years, during the terms of our contract, a percentage of all revenue is re-invested into the park to ensure that all structures and certain common areas are maintained. Once this final phase has been completed, no additional funding from the state’s general fund will be needed to maintain the Historic District. Additional revenues will be set aside to expand on-going education and conservation programs, such as our partnership with UCI and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering. One of the restored cottages will be used as an overnight dormitory with 36 nights per year for two-night stays for high school students.

Because we are in this final phase of restoration, a new donor recognition plan has been initiated by Crystal Cove Conservancy and California State Parks. Under the new plan, name recognition and benefits begin at $25,000 and up.

To learn more about this and the benefits associated with Heritage Legacy gifts, please contact Laura Davick Founder and Campaign Chair. She can be reached by phone at 949.887.0062.

A project like this is unable to happen without the help of our community. Become part of this important Legacy project. It’s up to us!

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