The Shake Shack Keeps on Shakin’


Crystal Cove’s Shake Shack has been serving up its famous Shakes since the mid 1940s


ssOverlooking the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District, the Shake Shack offers a great place for visitors to stop and enjoy classic road food: burger and fries, washed down with a refreshing shake.

Open since 1946, it’s now operated by Ruby’s Restaurants under CCA’s concession contract and features an expanded deck with prime ocean-view seating. Growing up at Crystal Cove, CCA founder Laura Davick once worked at the Shake Shack at age 13. As a shake maker, she had the inside scoop on the top flavors back in the day and claims the banana date shake—still a popular item—was the “all-time favorite.”

Today, plan an unforgettable afternoon at Crystal Cove—and end it by taking your date for a date shake at the Shake Shack!

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