The Most Magical Time of the Year


The holidays are upon us and the Crystal Cove Historic District is transformed from a sublime coastal escape to a winter wonderland, with a bit less snow, and a lot more sand. Replete with glimmering lights and reindeer, the Cove is decked out for Christmas, thanks to the generous help of staff and volunteers. Together, they brought in the festive atmosphere of goodwill and bonding that this time of year always provides.

It was an all-hands-on-deck affair as wreaths were hung across doorways, garland tied to fences and the famous large candy canes affixed to the sides of the iconic turquoise Cottage #46. Helpers spent time on ladders applying countless colorful vintage Christmas lights to brighten up the cottages. “Crystal Cove is a ‘happy place’ for many,” volunteer Mila McCabe said. “Transforming the Historic District into a Christmas paradise framed by the sun and sea is truly one of my most favorite holiday traditions!”

And the most recognizable feature of all is the beautifully adorned Christmas tree in the sand outside of the Beachcomber Café. When evening comes, the tree is lit and provides the perfect compliment to the unforgettable Cove sunsets that we all enjoy. Crystal Cove Conservancy founder Laura Davick began the tradition twenty-three years ago. “Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays,” she recalls, “in 1996, I thought it would be nice to have a Christmas tree on the beach for all the residents and park visitors to enjoy. This tradition has continued to this day. The final touch is the star, which is still being used today, put at the very top of the tree. The size of the tree has varied greatly over the past 23 years, ranging anywhere from 12 feet to 50 feet. Christmas is still my very favorite time of the year and today, this is our way at Crystal Cove Conservancy of thanking our community for their support all year long. Today, it continues to bring so much joy to families during the holiday season that I hope this tradition continues on forever. Merry Christmas to all!”

So, as the season commences, we welcome you to visit and enjoy the Cove holiday spirit. Walk through the corridors between the decorated cottages, take pictures in front of the Christmas tree, and let yourself be transported to another time and place.

Thank you to our Crystal Cove team of holiday decorating staff and volunteers!

Bonnie Morgan, Kate Wheeler, Cindy Otto, Laura Morgan, David Barba, Deena Harros, Carol Fenderson, Mike Fenderson, Richard Swinney, Joan McAllister, Virginia Webber, Karina Menezes, Mila McCabe, Laura Davick.


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