The hippest new beach trend of 2019 comes to Crystal “Cool”!

After repeated requests from beachgoers, we are proud to announce that the most popular trend of 2019 is finally here: flavored sand has arrived at the Crystal “Cool” Historic District!

What does this mean for you and your family? This means that there is only much more sandy fun to be had! Flavored sand is the hottest new fad sweeping the West Coast.  With it, recreational activities at the beach are endless: you can build a sand castle with it, dig a hole, sand bathe in it, play frisbee or volleyball, roll around in it, smell it, and best of all, eat it!  It contains 100% of your daily silicon needs and is also completely keto-friendly.

The first shipment of flavored sand is scheduled to arrive at the Crystal “Cool” Historic District later this month.  It will be placed in front of The Beaches Cottage (also known as Cottage #13). This initial shipment will taste like banana (YUM!).  

Future shipments will include additional flavors such as vanilla, caramel, peanut butter, and everyone’s favorite, bread. (Note: Bread-flavored sand is gluten-free.)

Lastly, we want to address a concern that have been brought to our attention. We have recently been asked about how flavored sand will affect the ecosystem at Crystal “Cool.” The effect of flavored sand on our sandy beach ecosystem was heavily studied before Crystal “Cool” State Park staff made the decision to import flavored sand to Crystal “Cool.” Studies have shown that a flavored sandy beach ecosystem outperforms a regular sandy beach ecosystem by increasing the availability of resources, resulting in a greater abundance of species found on flavored sandy beaches due to having a tasty habitat to live in.


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